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Driving Past Newcastle?

Driving Past Newcastle?

You might be planning on driving past Newcastle and not even knowing it. And that’s fair enough if you don’t know what you’re missing and/or if you just want to get to your destination as quickly as possible. On the other hand you might be keen to know that you are potentially missing out on a hidden gem by paying Newcastle no attention and just driving straight past it.

The Open Road

One of Australia’s most iconic cars is the Ford Falcon. There are many reasons why many Australians and non-Australians love this car, but legend has it that there was one man who built a business empire around it. The interesting thing is that he didn’t tug at people’s heartstrings by using the look and feel of the car to evoke emotions and link those to products. And he wasn’t interested in what was under the hood or trying to connect with those who like powerful engines and the like. He was interested in the fuel tank, and in particular, its size. Why was that you might ask. Well, at that time, the bigger the tank the further it meant you could go. And if you were going to try to go as far as you could on one tank he felt that meant there was only one car for the job – if you’re going to be driving across Australia you’ll be doing it for hours, if not days, so why not do it in comfort and style, or in other words cruise.

He plotted points on a map across the country, bought the land at each point and built a service station. The points were all equally spaced – one full Ford Falcon tank of fuel apart, or the maximum distance you can drive in a Ford Falcon before you need to fill up the tank again.

The engine of a Ford Falcon is pretty big and therefore holds quite a lot of fuel. So if you were planning to cruise across the country in one, you knew you’d be right to get from one of his stations to the next. And if you were going to drive in something with better fuel economy you’d definitely be good.

Now, all of that is fine when there isn’t much more than red dirt and sky as far as the eye can see in every direction, but what if that wasn’t the case. What if there was somewhere of interest along your way? This might just be somewhere to pull over and eat some lunch, or it might be a natural wonder that you want to check out, or maybe you want to break your long journey up into parts and turn the trip into a holiday.

Driving Past Newcastle?

If you’re planning on driving past Newcastle, you might want to consider stopping there for a night or even a few days. And not just to break up your long journey but because if you just drive past Newcastle you will miss out on everything it has to offer.


Accommodation In Newcastle

The first thing to mention is that Newy has an abundance of places to stay. There’s a healthy range of apartments, hotels and motels, a good selection of Airbnb locations, and even a couple of hostels – ideal if you’re on a tight budget or backpacking. The size of Newcastle surprises a lot of people and you need to keep it in mind when choosing your accommodation. For example, if you want to be close to Newcastle Beach and want to stay in a hotel, you might want to consider the Novotel Newcastle Beach or The Grand Hotel or even one of our very own Newcastle Executive Apartments.

Things To Do In Newy

The second thing to mention is that Newy has loads of places to go and lots of things to do – so many in fact we’ve written whole articles listing some of them: 12 Things To Do with Your Family When They Visit Newcastle, Places To Go To In Newcastle With Your Mum and The Newcastle Coffee Revolution to name a few. It doesn’t matter what you’re into, chances are, Newy has you covered. There are restaurants and eateries if you like food, boutiques and markets if you like shopping, coffee shops and popup bars if you like coffee or cocktails, sporting locations if you like sports – the list goes on and on.


Newcastle Has Changed And Is Changing

Also, you have to take into consideration that Newcastle has changed and is changing. In years past Newcastle had the reputation of being a working town that was a bit on the rough side, but Newy has gone through massive changes and is moving into a new era of growth and prosperity. If you’d like to read a bit more about it our How The Face Of Newcastle Is Changing article highlights a few points of interest.

Newcastle And The Hunter

There are plenty of towns and cities that have grown because they are at a crossing point, stopping point, trading point, etc. This has been the case for thousands of years and will continue to be. People are always going to want to travel and there’s only so far they can get in one go. Where they stop, everyone benefits – local businesses and weary travellers alike. The city of Newcastle was founded, and initially grew, because the opening of the Hunter River into the ocean facilitated the growth of heavy industry. This will always be a part of Newcastle’s history but today the city is attracting people and businesses for many other reasons.

Driving Past Newcastle?

There are plenty of people who used to plan on driving past Newcastle who now don’t go any further because they now love Newy so much. We’d recommend you make it your next stop, whether your tank is near empty or not. If you decide that you would like to make Newcastle your home then the local community is sure to welcome you. Selecting a removalist when you are moving in Newcastle or into Newcastle can be a daunting task but you may like to check Best Removalists Newcastle who are a local moving firm and seek their assistance to make sure when you do move to Newcastle that the logistics of getting your furniture and belongings into your house is taken care of by expert professionals.

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