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How To Keep Warm This Winter

How To Keep Warm This Winter

In this blog article we’re going to answer the question of How To Keep Warm This Winter, so you can keep nice and toasty during the Australian winter months. Some are tried and tested, some are a little off the wall, and most don’t have an evidence base to back them up, but we’re going to hit you up with some top tips that might just do the trick.

Although most parts of Australia don’t really get that cold in the winter months, some parts certainly do. Even if you’re in an area that doesn’t get close to  zero, it can still feel pretty chilly at times- especially if you’re in a property that is build primarily to perform well in the warmer months. If you have central heating (or other methods of heating) or live in a well-insulated property this article might not be for you. But you never know, you could learn a trick or two, and even save some money.

Keep The Cold Air Out

One of the best things you can do at home is keeping the cold air out of you property, as this is the first line of defence and can make a dramatic difference when trying to keep your property warm and yourself warm along with it.

Something as simple as placing a draft excluder at the bottom of a door that leads to the outside can have an impact. Plugging gaps where cold air is seeping in through windows and floors is another area you should try to focus on. Your local hardware or home store should have everything you need to plug the gaps. If you have wooden or tiled floors putting rugs down can work well – make sure they don’t slide and the edges aren’t a trip hazard. Thick curtains on single pain and/or drafty windows can have a big impact. Even the humble bathmat can give you much needed insulation between your feet and the bathroom floor, which leads us nicely onto our next area – clothing.

Wear Warm Clothes Or More Clothes


Most people don’t think twice about wearing warm clothes outside during the cold months, but wearing warm clothes or more clothes (layers can be just as effective as a heavy jumper) inside can definitely help keep you warm through winter. A nice pair of trackie daks to change into when you get home might just become your new way of keeping warm this winter, and they’re super comfy too! Wearing thongs, shoes ‘n’ socks or thick socks can do wonders also – that little bit of insulation between the floor and your feet goes a long way towards keeping your body temperature the right side of frosty.

Lockdown Each Room Of Your Home

If you have doors all you need to do is close them and this can really help with keeping a few rooms warm – it’s super old-school, but works a treat. The kitchen is often one of the warmest rooms in the house because we naturally gather there and using the appliances raises the temperature, so all you have to do is close the door and you’ll create a nice bubble of warmth.

Get Cooking


Cooking at home can also help, especially if you use an oven. And the warm food will heat you up from the inside. A top tip for the morning is to have porridge as it heats you up from the inside out – it can taste amazing when made from scratch with lots of yummy additions (fruit, nuts, etc.) It’s best done on the stove-top, but you can also do it in a microwave and there are even pre-made sachets you can buy – some aren’t as good as homemade and might not be as cheap either, but you can’t beat a hot brekkie to start a Winter’s day. We also recommend you cook up a big batch of soup for your lunches to heat you up again once the porridge wears off!

We Love Our ‘Lecky Blankey’

If you don’t already have an electric blanket, what are you waiting for!? No more getting into a freezing cold bed, and we’ve heard stories of them being used early in the morning for a little extra boost of warmth to see you through the bitter nights – though we always recommend you read the instructions thoroughly beforehand. They are very easy to track down, so you won’t have to look far – Big W and Target both have them.

Curl Up And Keep Warm

Throws and blankets are a must when watching TV, reading or sitting around. A hot water bottle will help warm the heart if you don’t have a pet to team up with, and these days there are even affordable electric throws, which some people swear by.

Have A Hot Drink


Another classic way of warming up in the colder months is to have a hot drink – the hot cup warms your hands and the hot liquid warms your belly. There are so many different types of tea to choose from and there are plenty of alternatives to tea as well including hot chocolate or a cheeky mulled wine!

Keep Active Around The House

Keeping active around your home can make a massive difference when trying to keep warm. We’re not saying you have to be working out, just try not to stay still for hours on end.

Magic Homemade Hand Warmers


If you like a walk on a winter’s day but often get very cold hands here’s something which just might help. Hard-boil some eggs before you leave and – hey presto – you’ve got a set of pocket warmers! And they also double up as a nutritious snack, how cool is that? And if you don’t want to eat them you can give them to someone who does. The kids will probably love the idea – though we take no responsibility for any egg-related mishaps.

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