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New To Newy


Newcastle Will Surprise You

Newcastle is a hidden gem and will probably surprise you, and in a good way! It is far enough from Sydney to have its own identity and it has a history of trying things before the state capital, and the rest of the country – the lockout laws and fibre NBN are just a couple of examples. It also has great people, amazing beaches (where you can find a park no worries), loads of fantastic food and a cool live music scene, plus an abundance of coffee shops, gyms, etc. You can get a feel of it in this article of ours: 12 Things To Do With Your Parents When They Visit Newcastle

Newy Is A City On The Up

Newcastle has come a long way over the past few years and its future is looking very bright; the light-rail, the Uni, the waterfront, the V8 Super Cars and the Airport are just five examples of this.

Regardless of whether you’re only a visitor or planning to set up shop in Newcastle, we have a few tips to help you start out on the right foot!

1) Get Social

There are more social events in Newcastle than you can shake a proverbial stick at.

get social newcastle

Parkrun is an ideal example of one place where you can get social. Newcastle currently has twelve Parkruns in the region and this means you have a range of locations to choose from. The best part is that these events are more about getting people up, out and socialising on a Saturday morning. They welcome all ages and fitness levels, and each event has a social option afterwards – normally a local café.

2) Network

Networking is a great way to make business contacts, but in Newcastle lots of these events are as much about meeting new people and getting to know them as they are building your business network – when you’re genuinely friendly and show an interest in someone, it is reciprocated.


A good place to start is the Beach Business Breakfast, which can be found here on the Meetup website along with a plethora of other groups and events. David and his team put on a monthly networking breakfast at Merewether Beach (Surf Lifesaving Club) overlooking the ocean, which has a relaxed and welcoming vibe – just rock up on the day and for only $10 you’ll get a BBQ breakfast and a very enjoyable networking event.

3) The University of Newcastle Australia (UON)

This isn’t just one of the best universities in the country, attracting students from all over the world, Australia and NSW, it is also one of the largest employers in the region.


Regardless of whether you are wanting to learn or work there you should definitely take a look at their websiteand/or visit either the main campus or the shiny new one in the centre of the city’s CBD.

4) Join A Club

When you are new to a city joining a club can be one of the best ways of getting to know the locals.


Newcastle has a club for everyone; surf, sport, tech – the list goes on.

5) Be Friendly, Talk To People

At its heart Newcastle is a big country town and this means that the people are its lifeblood. Get to know your neighbours and fellow Novocastrians.

New To Newy -

The average Novocastrian is friendly. If you say hello, they’ll say hello back, and once you get chatting to someone you just go from there. The degree of separation in Newy is very small, so tapping into that inner circle is key if you want to thrive here.

6) Sydney


It feels as though Newcastle is far enough away from Sydney (approximately two hours by car or three by train) that it is a city in its own right and not effectively a suburb of the ever-expanding state capital. However if you do need something in or from Sydney it is just a few kilometres down the road.

7) Hunterhunter


The team who run the Hunterhunter website have created a Local Knowledge Guide which is used not only by visitors but locals too! If you’re in Newy or heading this way you should definitely consider adding this site to your favourites list – the best spots for a cup of coffee, a delicious meal, things to do and places to visit across Newcastle and the Hunter Valley all hand-picked for you and just a few clicks away.

8) Hubs and Hot Desks


Working in/from a shared space can be a canny move if you are starting a new business or looking for work as a new gun for hire – why ride alone when you can ride with a posse? The city centre and its surrounding suburbs have a healthy number of shared spaces, business hubs and hot desks to take advantage of. The Roost on Hunter Street showcases these attributes and advantages; a cool and interesting place to work in/from and hold meetings, and their space is filled with other professionals who you can ask for advice and/or collaborate with – and that’s just the beginning! Bec is the General Manager, so if you have any questions drop her a line.

9) The Hunter

There is so much on offer in the Hunter region and this means that Newcastle has some pretty hefty backup. We could start to list them but why not spend some time in Newy and find out for yourself!


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