Serviced Apartments Are The Way To Go

December 11, 2018 Accommodation, Things to Do

Being away from home is never ideal, so how can you make the experience a bit more homely? Well, a lot of people think Serviced Apartments Are The Way To Go and we think they’re onto something. Serviced apartments basically give you a home away from home, which is perfect when you’re away on business […]

What Having International Flights Will Do For Newcastle

November 5, 2018 Newcastle News

In order to be considered as a major city or metropolis around the world an airport is a must. And these days it really needs to be an international one. Newcastle has had an airport for quite some time, but now it has become international and that’s a pretty big deal for a city with […]

Driving Past Newcastle?

You might be planning on driving past Newcastle and not even know it. And that’s fair enough if you don’t know what you’re missing and/or if you just want to get to your destination as quickly as possible. On the other hand you might be keen to know that you are potentially missing out on […]

How The Face Of Newcastle Is Changing

September 10, 2018 Newcastle News

If you discuss with someone who has grown up in Newcastle (or lived here for years) How The Face Of Newcastle Is Changing the first thing they will probably say is that Newcastle has got much more going for it now than it used to. They might then mention that the traffic has increased over […]

The Newcastle Coffee Revolution

August 9, 2018 Food & Drinks, Things to Do

In this article you’ll see why we’re so confident that Newy Is Number One For Coffee. This might be a bold statement to make but we are confident that we can back it up! Newcastle Is A City On The Up Newcastle is a city on the up and there’s a real buzz around the […]

How To Keep Warm This Winter

July 9, 2018 Things to Do

In this blog article we’re going to answer the question of How To Keep Warm This Winter, so you can keep nice and toasty during the Australian winter months. Some are tried and tested, some are a little off the wall, and most don’t have an evidence base to back them up, but we’re going […]

Bob Dylan Is Heading To Newcastle

June 3, 2018 Newcastle News

We hope you’ve secured your tickets to Bob Dylan in Newcastle already, now it’s time to secure accommodation. Bob Dylan is playing at Newcastle Entertainment Centre on August 22nd, and we have accommodation only 10 minutes away from the venue. The show will be Dylan’s first performance at Newcastle Entertainment Centre since 2003 when he […]

Things to Do On Rainy Days in Newcastle Continued

May 29, 2018 Things to Do

You can still have fun when the clouds have come in and the rain is coming down. Our blog post on Things to Do On Rainy Days in Newcastle was such a hit we’ve Continued it!

Newcastle’s War on Waste

May 8, 2018 Newcastle News

Thanks to the ABC documentary television series War On Waste, there’s has been a much needed shift of the public’s attention towards the issue of waste in Australia. While some were already focused on the issue, the TV series propelled the progress of the waste debate. The first episode aired in May 2017, the show […]

A Guide to Vintage and Antique Shopping in Newcastle

May 4, 2018 Shopping, Things to Do

Newcastle is filled with hidden treasures when it comes to vintage and antique stores. We’re feeling generous and want to share the best spots in Newcastle to find character filled clothing and antiques with charm. Cream on Hunter Cream on Hunter is a vintage and upcycled clothing and accessories store with one off and re-sized […]

Tea Lovers Unite: Top Places for tea in Newcastle

April 27, 2018 Food & Drinks, Things to Do

For those that appreciate a nice cup of tea, we’ve gathered the best places for tea in Newcastle. If there are some hidden treasures that we have missed, we’d love to know. There’s nothing quite like being surrounded by good company, enjoying a delicious tea and a sweet treat. Here’s where you can indulge on […]

Places To Go To In Newcastle With Your Mum

Treat your mum to some fun things around Newcastle and show her she’s the best mum in the world!

Where to Go For Record Store Day in Newcastle

April 20, 2018 Art & Culture

Record Store Day Australia is on Saturday 21st April 2018. This is the one day when record stores come together with artists and record labels to celebrate the joy of music. There are a range of limited releases, specials and promotions, along with live music in-store and artists dropping by to say hi. We’re lucky […]

11 Running Trails and Outdoor Gyms in Newcastle

April 6, 2018 Things to Do

If you’d like to bask in the sunshine and explore the outdoors while working on your fitness, these running trails and outdoor gyms are the answer for you! Newcastle draws visitors in with its beautiful beaches, but there’s much more to explore while you’re here. Here are 11 running trails and outdoor gyms in Newcastle […]

New To Newy

March 22, 2018 Things to Do

Regardless of whether you’re only a visitor or planning to set up shop in Newcastle, here are 9 great tips to help you start out on the right foot!

Newcastle Vegan Guide

March 21, 2018 Food & Drinks

While many restaurants and cafes have a couple of vegan options available on the menu, the ones chosen for this list are either 100% vegan or have a variety of vegan and vegetarian options available. A lot of these cafes and restaurants also offer events, workshops and classes such as yoga, cooking classes and more. […]

Things to Do On Rainy Days in Newcastle

March 16, 2018 Things to Do

Try something different while you’re in Newcastle. From themed putt-putt to virtual reality and escape rooms, there are plenty of options on how to spend your time! If you’ve already explored the beaches, parks and streets of Newcastle, or you’re just wanting something to do indoors, have a look at these options. They’re good options […]

A Guide to Newcastle Art Galleries

March 13, 2018 Art & Culture, Things to Do

The art culture in Newcastle is thriving, with a pool of talented local artists, and a range of art galleries in the area showcasing National and International talent. We’ve compiled a list of the most talked about galleries in Newcastle for you to visit (maybe even all in one day if you’re feeling overly energetic). […]

5 Of the Best Markets in Newcastle

March 1, 2018 Things to Do

1. Hunt & Gather Markets A boutique fashion and design market featuring live acoustic music and an ocean breeze. The markets have plenty of options for food and drink, and a mix of fashion and design stallholders with local artists and creatives, ready to answer any questions you might have about their products. The people […]

7 Places to Test Your Trivia Knowledge in Newcastle

  1.  The Greenroof There’s a rotation of General Knowledge and Themed rounds. Up to $500 in prizes to be won, plus the lightning round cash jackpot grows every week! Check out their Facebook page to find upcoming themed trivia nights. Monday is Steak Night at The Greenroof, so you can grab a steak with […]

12 Things To Do with Your Family when they Visit Newcastle

February 26, 2018 Things to Do

Your parents/family/friends are in Newcastle for a visit. You’re not sure what to do. The last time you went touring in town was years ago. They are staying nearby and you want to give them an enjoyable experience of Newcastle but last time they were here you took them for a vineyard tour so that’s […]