Things to Do On Rainy Days in Newcastle

March 16, 2018 Things to Do

Try something different while you’re in Newcastle. From themed putt-putt to virtual reality and escape rooms, there are plenty of options on how to spend your time! If you’ve already explored the beaches, parks and streets of Newcastle, or you’re just wanting something to do indoors, have a look at these options. They’re good options […]

A Guide to Newcastle Art Galleries

March 13, 2018 Art & Culture, Things to Do

The art culture in Newcastle is thriving, with a pool of talented local artists, and a range of art galleries in the area showcasing National and International talent. We’ve compiled a list of the most talked about galleries in Newcastle for you to visit (maybe even all in one day if you’re feeling overly energetic). […]

5 Of the Best Markets in Newcastle

March 1, 2018 Things to Do

1. Hunt & Gather Markets A boutique fashion and design market featuring live acoustic music and an ocean breeze. The markets have plenty of options for food and drink, and a mix of fashion and design stallholders with local artists and creatives, ready to answer any questions you might have about their products. The people […]

7 Places to Test Your Trivia Knowledge in Newcastle

  1.  The Greenroof There’s a rotation of General Knowledge and Themed rounds. Up to $500 in prizes to be won, plus the lightning round cash jackpot grows every week! Check out their Facebook page to find upcoming themed trivia nights. Monday is Steak Night at The Greenroof, so you can grab a steak with […]

12 Things To Do with Your Family when they Visit Newcastle

February 26, 2018 Things to Do

Your parents/family/friends are in Newcastle for a visit. You’re not sure what to do. The last time you went touring in town was years ago. They are staying nearby and you want to give them an enjoyable experience of Newcastle but last time they were here you took them for a vineyard tour so that’s […]