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The Newcastle Coffee Revolution

The Newcastle Coffee Revolution

In this article you’ll see why we’re so confident that Newy Is Number One For Coffee. This might be a bold statement to make but we are confident that we can back it up!

Newcastle Is A City On The Up

Newcastle is a city on the up and there’s a real buzz around the place at the moment – one that looks set to continue. There are plenty of jobs and lots of companies are now looking at Newcastle as a viable alternative to Sydney for their head or regional office. There is a property boom in full swing and apartments are springing up all over the city. All of this drive and investment is complimented by the continued expansion of the university and of the transport network – the light rail is set to open up the city centre to the waterfront and the airport going international will better connect Newcastle to the rest of the world. Work is also being done on the M1 to speed up road times between Newy and Sydney, and more express trains are being added to the train schedules linking the two cities. If you’d like to read more on the past, present and future of Newcastle, take a look at our New To Newy article.

Newcastle’s Coffee Start–Ups

There’s a genuine belief in this city that if you’re passionate about something and prepared to work hard, you can go far. And this doesn’t stop with working for someone else – many are setting up their own businesses and making a mark! There is a whole spectrum of small-to-medium-sized businesses popping up and thriving in Newy, and one thriving sector is dedicated to the art of coffee.

In this article you’ll see why we’re so confident that Newy Is Number One For Coffee. This might be a bold statement to make but we are confident that we can back it up!


The Melbourne and Sydney Coffee Scenes

Melbourne and Sydney often battle it out between each other arguing for the number one spot when it comes to coffee, but Newcastle is quietly developing a coffee scene that might soon rival or even surpass them. Even somewhere you might not expect to get a good cup of coffee can surprise you. Parry Street Garage is a good example of this – it is well known for its outstanding pizzas, but it also does a quality cup of coffee. This is just further evidence of how strong the Newcastle coffee scene is becoming.

Newcastle’s Coffee Scene

It’s quality, not quantity. Ironically, it is the size and youth of the Newcastle coffee scene that might be playing the largest role in its rapid and successful development. The scene is young and therefore vibrant, full of passion and innovative ideas. There are fewer coffee shops so you’re not overwhelmed with choice and one coffee shop can service a local community, which is great for everyone. In a nutshell, if you’re going to go the distance and be around for a while, you have to be great to win over the locals.

The Coffee In Newcastle

The standard of coffee is very high and one of the main reasons for this is the beans used to make the coffee are tip-top.


Crema Coffee Garage is one of the suppliers of quality coffee to Newcastle’s coffee makers.

Another is Suspension Espresso, which HUNTERhunter recently did a piece on: Suspension Espresso – Brilliant coffee and homely food, Beaumont Street Islington

The environments that have been created to serve great coffee in range from the weird and wonderful to the more classic style coffee shop look and feel. All of these approaches are designed to give you a comfortable and/or stimulating location where you can enjoy an awesome cup of coffee. A lot of them do great food too!

Many of the members of staff make an effort to engage with customers, and learn the names and, more importantly, the order of their regulars.

Following the War on Waste movement, there is also a passionate movement to stop the use of disposable coffee cups – free cups of coffee are being offered when you buy a keep-cup, and many places offer a discount when you bring your own cup, or have a wall of mugs that you can borrow from. Head to the Responsible Cafes website to search for participating cafes in the local area.

Some of the coffee shops are also embracing new technology. You can place an order via their app, so all you have to do is rock on up a few minutes later and pick up your freshly made cup of coffee.

The Newcastle Coffee Taste Test

The real test is the cup of coffee itself, so here’s our top five favourite places in Newcastle where we think you can get a killer cup of coffee.


Corner House

The Kiosk Newcastle Beach

Sherwood Coffee Bar


Our Conclusion

Everyone has their own opinion on where does the best coffee in Newcastle and which provides the best setting for its consumption. We’ve certainly had lively debates on the subject ourselves! But the fact is that Newcastle is in the middle of a coffee revolution and that makes everyone who lives here and likes coffee a winner.

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